How to get a Loan for roof renovation?

Leave the cold outside and keep the warmth in your rooms: With a loan for roof renovation, you implement all the necessary construction and remodeling measures so that your property is technically up to date. Who actually writes and advises here? About us.

Loan for roof renovation instead of construction finance

Loan for roof renovation instead of construction finance

Building finance is generally an option for modernizing or repairing the roof. However, the property must be largely unencumbered for this. This means that any real estate loans must have been repaid at least 80 percent. Before this, a further financial burden from another loan is generally not possible.

The approval of a loan for a roof renovation is again independent of any existing financial liabilities. Whether funding is approved by the bank depends primarily on creditworthiness. If the applicant has sufficient monthly income to repay the requested amount and at the same time there are no major complaints regarding payment behavior in the past, a loan for a reorganization is usually approved.

Building finance always with an entry in the land register Classic building finance is always recorded in the land register. The entry must be made by a notary who charges a fee for his work. In addition, land registry costs arise, which must also be paid by the homeowner.

Then a roof renovation is necessary

Then a roof renovation is necessary

A roof renovation basically includes all renovation measures that affect the structure of the roof, the supporting structure, and the roof skin. Refurbishment becomes necessary if basic roof functions are impaired. This includes:

  • Protection from the weather
  • Preservation of heat in the property (roof insulation)
  • Protection of the property from moisture
  • Stability of the entire roof structure

Refurbishment is essential at the latest when the roof can no longer keep the moisture out.

Possible costs

As a rough rule of thumb: An average roof should be renovated approximately every 20 to 30 years and causes renovation costs from around 60 dollars per square meter of floor space. (This is only a very rough guideline for an initial assessment. Clear price differences are possible here.) Depending on how extensive a previous renovation was carried out, smaller measures are sometimes sufficient to restore optimal function.

For an estimate of the costs, you can consult a specialist at, for example, the Association of Private Builders (VPB) or the Federal Association of German Building Expert (BBAUSV). The specialist assesses your property, gives an initial cost estimate and helps to identify necessary renovation measures.

Do not save money at the wrong end!

An old roof that cannot hold the heat properly and at the same time lets the cold in continually causes additional heating costs. Depending on the construction, 15 to 20 percent of the heat energy can be lost through the roof!

Refurbishment prevents the explosion of heating costs Real estate owners should invest their money in a roof renovation instead of high heating bills. Because this ensures stable value retention, possibly even an increase in value (keyword: efficiency house).

With particularly high additional costs on heating bills, financing that is used to renovate the roof would not even burden the household budget. Whether, for example, 100 dollars is invested in roof renovation or in an increased heating bill, it makes no difference for the personal financial budget – but it does for the value retention of the property. Especially since an investment or repair backlog causes costs again.

How to apply for a roof renovation loan

How to apply for a roof renovation loan

  1. Compare offers – Compare the loans using the online calculator
  2. Obtain a land register extract – Let yourself be z. B. the land register portal
  3. Create a land register entry to prove to the bank that you own the property.
  4. Apply for a loan – Submit the required documents to the bank and complete them
  5. Identity verification. If approved, the bank transfers the amount to your specified account.

Specialist advice before roof renovation is recommended

Is the roof broken or is it primarily about coarse dirt? – Before a roof renovation, it is worth having the current status checked by a specialist. Because an unsightly roof is not necessarily in need of renovation. Coarse soiling from, for example, weather, branches, and leaves or even bird droppings can hide the technically perfect condition.

Good Credit funding for roof renovation

Good Credit funding for roof renovation

Homeowners who renovate their property have the option of receiving financial support from, for example, Good Credit. The development bank supports, among other things, the energetic renovation of buildings with particularly cheap renovation loans and grants. A fundamental requirement for funding in the form of a significant reduction in the energy loss of the property after the renovation.

Most recently, Good Credit awarded the following amounts for the individual measures:

Good Credit has funded the following measures most frequently:

  • Burglary protection – 42,099 measures nationwide
  • Heating package – 36.559
  • Renewal/replacement of windows – 32.054
  • Gas condensing boiler – 25.303
  • Renewal of external doors – 18,835
  • Bathroom renovation – 16,826
  • Insulation of roof areas – 13.724
  • Oil condensing boiler – 9,753
  • Insulation of walls – 7,892
  • Insulation of floors – 5.066
  • Heating optimization – 3.071

Requirements for Good Credit funding “roof renovation”

In principle, Good Credit funding for roof renovation is possible if the following requirements are met.

  • The roof renovation leads to an energetic increase in the efficiency of the house.
  • The applicant lives in the property himself.
  • The loan amount is below 100,000 dollars.
  • The property owner applied for funding before construction began.

You can apply for Good Credit funding for roof renovation via your house bank, for example.

Good Credit funding also possible for loft conversions

Good Credit funding may also be possible with a loft extension. It is often important here that the expansion measures lead to significant energy savings.

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