I’m going on vacation and I’m taking … my credit card!

The time for “I will still withdraw 500 dollars for the holidays” is over. Today, you can travel more easily inside and outside the EU with your credit card. Why? We explain it to you with regard to 7 main advantages.


1. A means of transport at your fingertips

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Do you want to rent a car, motorhome, motorbike, scooter or any other means of transport? It is therefore preferable to use a credit card to pay the deposit. The amount is then ‘blocked’ then ‘unlocked’ when you return the vehicle in perfect condition. Renting a vehicle without a credit card is almost impossible in some countries, such as the United States.


2. Collect miles and discounts through your purchases

With the Best Bank World Travel Mastercard, you save miles after each expense in dollars with your card. The more miles you have, the better your next trip will be. You can use them for your plane tickets and for the destination of your choice, but you can also use them for your dollarstar, ICE, TGV or Thalys tickets.

If you pay with a Nickman Pickermann World Mastercard, you save for a reduction on your next Pickermann holiday. As for the Extra World Mastercard, you receive a cash-back and therefore discounts on your purchases in Belgium and abroad. And your purchases are insured.


3. Can be used everywhere

Unlike, say, a Maestro, credit cards are incredibly universal and you can easily use them around the world. If you are traveling and love to shop, a credit card is an absolute must, most likely for large and unexpected expenses or large purchases. Your Best Bank credit card works automatically abroad (except Iran, North Korea, Sudan and South Sudan).

Before your vacation, check whether your spending limit is sufficient. This is not the case? Ask for a widening before your departure in order to benefit, with your credit card, from a higher limit (subject to acceptance of your file). To do this, call the Best Bank Service Center (between 10 am and 8 pm, Monday to Friday) or contact your agency.

Another solution is to pay an additional amount, before your departure, on your credit card in order to have a larger available balance.


4. Perfectly insured


Did you know that purchases made with a Best Bank credit card are insured against theft and loss via purchase insurance? An additional asset, especially abroad. Find out more about the insurance included in Best Bank credit cards.


5. Save time at tolls

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If you are going on a road trip, a credit card will save you precious time. Think, for example, of tolls. You often have lanes reserved for people paying by credit card and where the lines are less important.


6. Sleep on both ears

Did you know that your credit card offers even more advantages when you are faced with setbacks on vacation? With Best Bank credit cards, you always benefit from one or more insurances which, under certain conditions, cover, for example, your trip, your luggage, an accident abroad, or even the purchases you made with said menu.


7. Fraud detection

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At Best Bank, we have an effective fraud detection system. Our team of experts checks 24 hours a day whether the suspicious transactions are fraudulent or not. If in doubt, we will call you. It is therefore important that we are always informed of your current telephone number. If we cannot reach you, we will send you an email and / or SMS asking you to contact us. If we have no reaction, your card will be temporarily blocked. We will then send you a letter. And if you do not reply to this letter, we will be obliged to block your card permanently for security reasons. We will then send you a new card and a new secret code directly to your home.

Curious to discover more Best Bank advantages for your summer vacation? Discover all of our credit cards and their attached insurance.

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